Here's your chance of winning a pair of custom made pants worth up to 100 euros!

This is what you have to do to participate in the competition:
First of all, be sure to like Kissin' Bombs Design on Facebook!
Then, help spreading the word about Kissin' Bombs by sharing the link to my Etsy-shop ( or my FB page on your Facebook, blog, twitter - anywere you'd like ! Then drop a line on Kissin' Bombs FB-page or email me (, to let me know what you have done to help spread the word.
I will pick a winner on the 4th of July! Good luck! ;D

Postat av: Per Norén

Glad midsommar to you ;-)

2011-06-24 @ 13:42:29
Postat av: joanna samuelsson

klart man sprider vidare denna duktiga designer!;)

2011-06-24 @ 13:44:25
Postat av: Vicky

Klart man är med och sprider :D

2011-06-25 @ 10:37:38
Postat av: Carolina

Klart jag sprider vidare, brukar jag iofs göra, din design är ju to-die-for!

2011-06-28 @ 10:24:13

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